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    Determine Your Gross Commission Target

    Step 1: Set a clear gross commission target for the year. Define the income you want to achieve.

    Calculate Transactions Needed

    Step 2: Determine your average commission per transaction.

    Step 3: Divide your gross commission target by your average commission to calculate the number of transactions needed.

    Identify Buyer and Seller Leads

    Step 4: Understand your lead conversion rate (the percentage of leads that turn into clients).

    Step 5: Calculate how many leads you need to generate to reach your transaction goal based on your conversion rate.

    Sources of Leads

    Step 6: Identify your lead sources (e.g., referrals, online marketing, social media, networking, etc.).

    Step 7: Allocate a percentage of your leads to each source based on their effectiveness.

    Investment in Time and Money

    Step 8: Calculate your marketing and advertising budget.

    Step 9: Determine the amount of time you can dedicate to prospecting and lead generation each week.

    Weekly Action Plan

    Step 10: Create a weekly action plan:

    Day 1-2 : Prospect for new leads from your chosen sources.
    Day 3-4 : Follow up with leads and nurture relationships.
    Day 5 : Schedule and conduct client meetings.
    Day 6 : Review and adjust your plan based on your progress.
    Day 7 : Take time for self-improvement and learning.

    Tracking and Adjusting

    Step 11: Keep a detailed record of your leads, meetings, and conversions.

    Step 12: Regularly review your progress against your targets.

    Step 13: Adjust your plan as needed based on what is and isn't working.


    The One-Hour Business Plan is your roadmap to success in real estate. By setting clear goals, identifying lead sources, and investing your time and money wisely, you can achieve your target gross commission and build a thriving real estate career. Remember, consistency and dedication are key to realizing your ambitions in this dynamic field.

    Grow with confidence​

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